IPM CPD Accreditation of Externally Provided Training Courses, Programmes and Activities

The Institute of Place Management (IPM) at Manchester Metropolitan University is the professional membership organisation and learned society that supports and represents both practitioners and academics engaged and interested in place management and development. In this role the Institute supports and encourages the continuous professional development of individuals to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills to maintain a sufficiently high standard of professional competence and knowledge.

It is increasingly acknowledged that lifelong learning, and the development of people's professional competence is a key driver in the management and development of successful places. Place management and development is a mutli-disciplinary practice, often demanding a diverse range of skills and competencies, to be applied in often challenging, dynamic and frequently changing and evolving environments. As an Partner of the Institute you can seek IPM CPD accreditation for your training courses, programmes and activities, to support your members, employees or delegates in undertaking professional development. The benefit of IPM accreditation is that your CPD resources and events are seen as being externally recognised and therefore represent even more value to those taking part.  In addition, those undertaking your activities will receive the recognised IPM Record of Achievement from Manchester Metropolitan University, a leading international provider of education and development. 

What is Continuous Professional Development?

Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) is the term given to the commitment to lifelong learning. Employers and institutions, in all disciplines and sectors, are requiring the wide adoption of a structured approach to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and are looking for evidence of progress meeting clearly specified career, professional and business/organisational objectives. An individual’s ability to evidence their continuous professional development indicates to an employer that they are attracting high calibre employees, and retaining people, with a high standard of professional competence.

However, what employers and place partnerships and, indeed, individual place managers are seeking is firstly, that the activity they are undertaking is indeed relevant to their CPD programmes and personal development,  and secondly, that they have a recognised form of evidence that they have undertaken continuing professional or personal development activities together with a report of the learning value of those activities.

The Institute of Place Management CPD accreditation process is a way of ensuring that activities that you deliver are formally recognised and reflect positively upon the responsibilities, opportunities and remuneration packages of people involved in place management and development; the people who make places better.

IPM CPD Accreditation

The IPM develops, encourages the provision of and assists in the dissemination of, high quality accredited CPD material and opportunities within the place management, place development, professional and voluntary sectors.

As the professional body a learned society for for place management and development, it works alongside relevant national and international Government agencies and sponsored bodies, associations and stakeholders representing the sector, educational and training providers and professional practitioners covering all place disciplines.

It is the task of the CPD Accreditation Assessors to develop and assess submitted material as conforming and mapping to the IPM professional standards. Specification of the learning outcomes or topic areas to be covered through CPD allows the IPM to ‘map’ these to the relevant professional standards, thereby accrediting your CPD within a nationally and internationally recognised framework. The range of current IPM standards is shown in the figure below.

 The Benefits of IPM CPD Accreditation

With investors, employers, policy makers and partners all wanting to work with people that have the best place skills, knowledge and intelligence - more and more people are choosing to attend events or access resources to improve their professional development whilst giving them formal recognition for their learning. As well as benefiting the individual, this advanced recognition increases the attendance figures of events. Additional benefits available to Partner organisations working to provide CPD opportunities with the IPM include:

  • IPM CPD gives external recognition of the quality of CPD that you deliver
  • CPD demonstrates a commitment to individuals and acts as a cost-effective form of training provision which can be linked to individual objectives or appraisals
  • CPD adds value to events and resources and can encourage increased participation
  • IPM accredits CPD against internationally-recognised professional standards from a leading UK university
  • IPM provide CPD development and delivery advice for your organisation

Opportunities for IPM CPD Accreditation

The IPM recognises a wide range of CPD opportunities that it can certify which can be classified under two headings; Events and Resources. For more details please see the application process.

All CPD resources fall within one of 4 levels, in order to ensure that the CPD activity is appropriate to the needs of its audience. The IPM recognises the following 4 levels:

Level 1

Suitable for those outside the place management industry  (i.e. assumes no prior knowledge).

Level 2

Suitable for students of place management or those new to industry.

Level 3

Suitable for practitioners with less than 3 year’s experience in the industry.

Level 4

Suitable for experienced practitioners with more than 4 year’s experience in the industry.


How do I go about seeking IPM Accreditation of CPD?

There are two main requirements to meet and an application process:

1. A commitment to support those involved in the place management industry through becoming an Partner of the IPM, adhering to the IPM Code of Conduct for Partners.

2. A commitment to the delivery of quality CPD opportunities.

The first step to having your event/resource accredited is to become an Partner of IPM. If you are not yet a partner member of the IPM please visit www.placemanagement.org for an application form.

The procedure below outlines the steps that that will be followed if you wish to seek IPM CPD accreditation.

STEP 1 - Complete and return to us the Application for CPD Certification together with the material to be certified (as appropriate). These can be submitted to us in paper form or by email.

STEP 2 – Your application will be reviewed by IPM CPD Assessors. It will be their job to determine whether the content conforms to place management CPD guidelines and maps over to the CPD Certification Service, and IPM professional standards. The certification process normally takes around two weeks.

The IPM will contact you should further evidence or information be required to accredit your application. We aim to give constuctive and helpful advice on how to improve your event for CPD purposes.

STEP 3 - Once your material, event or course has been accredited, we will send you the IPM CPD confirmation pack, which will include; the IPM Accredited CPD logo (for use on all associated materials), the IPM Accredited CPD document (including briefing notes) and the IPM Accredited CPD certificate template (with self-reflection forms on the reverse) for distribution among delegates (as appropriate) as a record that CPD has been completed.

STEP 4 – Details of the Accreditation will be listed on the IPM website and in IPM Place Bulletin as well as being promoted through social media.

STEP 5 – An invoice (if applicable) will be issued based on the information submitted and requirements of the Partner’s application.

Additional Information Concerning CPD Accreditation of Events

In order to get the best out of IPM CPD Accreditation for your delegates you will need to raise awareness of CPD and its value prior to, and during, the event. The IPM has composed materials that you can use to make this process as clear as possible.


  • The IPM Partner and CPD Accreditation logos should be visible on all materials relating to the event.


  • A customisable press release introducing people to IPM CPD and its value to them.


  • The event chair/ facilitator will be provided with generic introductory text (as part of the IPM CPD confirmation pack) that will aid them to inform delegates about the IPM CPD function.

Should any of our Partners wish to accredit numerous events please contact Gareth Roberts at G.J.Roberts@mmu.ac.uk.

IPM Accreditation Fee Structure

Please refer to the table below for an outline of the IPM CPD Service fee structure for both events and resources:



Prices (inc. VAT) (£)


£20 per code

Event (no delegate/ attendance fee)

£50 per event

Event (if <200 delegates)

£100 per event

Event (if 201> delegates)

£200 per event