Moving Beyond Devolution 21st-23rd March


This three-day conference looks at building the New Policy and Research Agenda for Combined Local Authorities in the UK. The conference will be taking place at the Civic Hall, Leeds, on the 21st March-23rd March 2018.


Conference Overview

This special conference in the Northern Powerhouse is an opportunity for academics and practitioners to focus on the major challenges facing the public sector and the new Combined Authorities, with input from the leading CORE cities and the KEY Cities Network.

The Conference comes at a crucial time in the future of local government and in the devolution process. It is designed to bring academics and policymakers together to consider not just the immediate short-term problems but the long-term future of the fledgling UK Combined Authorities. Some see positive signs in the patchwork quilt of Combined governance arrangements with new models of Mayoral governance. Others see fragmentation in England and a lack of resources and consistency. Anxieties are compounded by the BREXIT negotiations and the lack of clarity on what will happen when European funding disappears. Will any of these be maintained in addition to the current interest in continued involvement in the EU Horizon 2020?

Combined Authorities are at the forefront of city and strategic planning and need more resources and capacity if they are to respond to the changing needs of their populations over the coming decade. Housing, transport, social care, economic development, inward investment and skills are pressing, particularly so in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine where there is a lot of work to do to catch up with the South of England and change the pace of transformation.

This conference will be examining the latest research and the key issues which need to be tackled to strengthen local government and Combined Authorities in the period ahead, and will look at the successes, as well as the difficulties and failures. It will focus on what needs to change and what needs to be done to strengthen skills and training in public sector development and management in the period ahead.

Speakers at the event include; Andy Burnham (Major of Greater Manchester), Tom Riordan (Chief Executive, Leeds City Council), as well as, leading academics in the built environment field.

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Note: Whilst this conference is not organised or accredited by IPM, it has been recommended to us by one of our Fellows, who believes it will be a useful event for Members to attend.