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One-day Masterclass in Place Leadership

Please note this masterclass has now taken place (21st January) we will shortly be announcing another masterclass in May on the topic of Place Marketing and Branding.

The challenges for high streets, town and city centres have been mounting for some years but COVID has accelerated the pace of change. The aim of this one-day masterclass is to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of local leaders from local authorities, BIDs, business and the wider community to become effective place leaders who can stimulate recovery and initiate transformation. The masterclass will define place leadership, share the behaviours and values associated with effective place leaderships as well as explore the practices and strategies that can transform places.

This masterclass will explore the different styles of leadership and strategies within the context of places, critically evaluating differing techniques and case studies from across the sector.

Why join the Masterclass?

The day is delivered by a prominent team. Learning is led by IPM Co-Chairs, Professor Cathy Parker and Professor Simon Quin, founders of the Institute of Place Management and internationally-recognised experts in place management and leadership.

They are joined by Neil Schneider, credited by the 'Bounce Back Better' Grimsey Supplement and others with revitalising Stockton-On-Tees during his leadership of the Borough Council.

Stefan Gurney, Executive Director of Norwich BID and Margaret Dale a community leader from Holmfirth and Board Member of the High Streets Task Force will share their experiences of place leadership from different perspectives.

Finally, Dr Steve Millington, Course Leader for the MSc in Place Management and Leadership will explain how to continue your professional development as a place leader.

Those joining the Masterclass will learn:

  • What is place leadership?

  • What are the characteristics of a good place leader?

  • Why is place leadership important in the management and transformation of places?

  • Strategies and frameworks for place transformation (e.g. the 4Rs: Repositioning, Reinventing, Rebranding and Restructuring)

  • The role of place leadership in good governance, collaboration and partnership working

Course Details

Date Thursday 21st January 2021
Time 10-4pm
Delivery Method Online (Via Zoom or Microsoft Teams)
Cost £100 or £300 for non-members


Full Course Schedule

Timing  Session



Welcome and Introduction to Leadership


Setting the context for place leadership:

· The changing nature of high streets and town centres

· What is place leadership and why does it matter?

· Characteristics and traits of effective place leaders.

Simon Quin
Co-Chair, Institute of Place Management

Place Leadership in Practice

This section will offer definitions and examples of place leadership from local authorities, Business Improvement Districts and the wider community. It will focus on skills, values and behaviours and how leadership for place differs from leadership for organisation or interest groups.

Neil Schneider
former Chief Executive, Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council

Stefan Gurney                   Executive Director, Norwich BID
Current MSc Student

Margaret Dale
Community Leader, Holmfirth
Broad Member, High Streets Task Force

What can we do to facilitate effective place leadership

In this interactive session with our place leaders, we will discuss the barriers to place leadership and the change that is needed, especially in local authority culture and practice, to facilitate effective place leadership. 

Round table discussion chaired by:

Professor Cathy Parker
Co-chair, Institute of Place Management




Strategies and frameworks for place transformation

Place leadership and management: strategies, frameworks and practices. What do place managers and leaders do?  Learn some tried and tested approaches to place transformation that you can use as a place leader.

Professor Cathy Parker
Co-chair, Institute of Place Management




Focus on place leadership skills

Assess your place leadership skills and learn to work more collaboratively in the interests of your place.

Professor Cathy Parker
Co-chair, Institute of Place Management

Next Steps

Discussing the different study pathways for masterclass, short course and postgraduate courses

Dr Steve Millington
Director, Institute of Place Management
Postgraduate programme leader

If you are interested in attending the masterclass, please fill out this short form

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