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Exploring 'Pride in Place' - 28th June

People celebrate Manchester Day
Manchester Day 2022 - an example of pride in place

Exploring 'Pride in Place'

28th June 2023 | 3pm-4.30pm

Open to all

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"If we’re to lift people’s ambitions and instil more faith in making places better, then two areas must be addressed: involving communities more in regeneration decisions and discovering local leaders that have a vision for their area and understand how to foster civic pride."

Matt Baker, IPM Senior Fellow, discusses pride in place (read now).


UK Government has made 'local pride' a cornerstone of place policy since the launch of its Levelling Up strategy in early 2022. The idea of course has its own story, laid out over centuries of history, social progress (or regression), industrial development, and the evolution of high streets and communities.

This webinar from the Institute of Place Management will explore:

  • What is pride in place?
    Is it an outcome, a precrusor, a symptom, and can it be measured?

  • Which places are people proud of?
    Why is this the case and what is the role of communities, business and governments that interact with these proud places?

  • More than a KPI...
    How should those leading and managing places consider pride?
    Place managers - learn from other practitioners about how they've embedded standards in projects and partnerships


Hear from a range of expert speakers on this dense but critical topic, and join the discussion to contribute your own ideas. This webinar is open to everyone, IPM members and those who have not yet joined or perhaps don't even work in the place field but are interested in their own places and communties.


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