IPM 5th International Biennial Conference

Transforming Place: People, Processes and Practice

Adelaide and the Barossa Valley, South Australia

3rd-8th November 2019


We can confirm our conference 6th-7th November will be hosted at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.



Join us in the beautiful City of Adelaide, South Australia for 4 days of the latest thinking and practice in place management and leadership.


About the conference, 6th-7th November, Adelaide and the Barossa Valley

Over the past nine years, the IPM International Biennial Conference has brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers working and researching in the area of place management and associated fields. Our conference is a key event that develops knowledge and practice that transforms the way we understand places - as well as how we make, maintain and market them. 

Place management draws from a number of disciplines, and this knowledge can be synthesised to meet contemporary challenges, as exemplified by some of our conference themes over the years; 'The Business of Place',  'Sustainability, liveability and connectivity', and 'Inclusive placemaking'. By bringing together academics, policy makers and practitioners working in place management, placemaking and place marketing, we aim to facilitate the development of theoretical, practical and policy development. 

Place management succeeds where other approaches fail. Place management takes a place-based approach to maximising opportunities for communities as well as tackling local problems; transforming the everyday experiences of people. Organised by the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and Regional Development Australia you will hear from leading international experts at the forefront of place leadership and place management, blending the perspectives of policy makers, practitioners and academics. This is a conference that explores what you can do in your location to make a positive difference in the face of the complex social, economic and environmental problems impacting all places.

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Masterclasses and Study Tours

To complement the conference the Institute of Place Management and partners Regional Development Australia and Mainstreet SA have developed a programme of professional development to build skills and knowledge and support place leaders transform places.


Place Development Theory and Practice (3rd and 4th November Australia, Adelaide)

Led by IPM Director Dr Steve Millington (Manchester Metropolitan University), this two day masterclass will introduce you to the major urban theorists and give you a practical framework for place development. How can we make places better for people? From Jane Jacobs to tactical urbanism this two day course will give you the theory and practical ideas you need to start transforming places.


Innovating Place: Strategies for Reinventing Regions (8th November, Nuriootpa)

Delivered by experts at the University of South Australia and Regional Development Australia, this one-day masterclass will develop the progression of strategies from agglomeration, cluster, smart specialisation; through to ecosystems - differentiating them and discussing the pros and cons of approaches. Specifically, you will learn how to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem to innovate your place.

Price : $222 AUDs (£125)

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Beachside Destination Urban Renewal Study Tour, led by Mainstreet SA (8th November, Adelaide)

Well-loved for their wide sandy beaches and historic port activity, on this tour you will join local practitioners as we explore key destinations along the metropolitan Adelaide coastline and delve into the significant urban renewal and placemaking initiatives that are helping to shape some of Adelaide’s premier beachside destinations. Organised by Mainstreet SA, part of Australia’s leading place practitioner network.

Price: $195 AUDs (£110), which includes lunch, afternoon tea, and transport.

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Conference Chairs

- Craig Grocke is Economic Development Executive in Spatial Planning and Place Management at Regional Development Australia (RDA). RDA is an Australian Government initiative that aims to enhance growth and strengthen the regional communities of Australia and plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainability of Australia's regions. Craig is responsible for strategic economic development projects and industry research at RDA. His expertise is in urban and regional planning, urban design, recreation planning, tourism development and place management.

- Dr Steve Millington is a director of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, where he leads and contributes to a number of commercial and research projects in the area of place management.