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Contributors include:

Prof Leigh Sparks

Prof Leigh Sparks

Chair, Scotland's Towns Partnership and Professor at the Institute of Retail Studies, University of Stirling

Becca Heron

Becca Heron

Strategic Director of Growth and Development, Manchester City Council

Climate Mayors

Climate Mayors

US bipartisan network demonstrating climate leadership across 48 states and 750 mayors

Cathy Parker

Prof Cathy Parker

Chair, Institute of Place Management and Research Lead, High Streets Task Force

Steve Scott

Steve Scott FIPM

Future Economies Regional Lead, GHD

Julie Grail

Julie Grail SFIPM

Founder and Managing Director, The BIDs Business

Dr Steve Millington

Dr Steve Millington

Director, IPM and Place Transformations Lead, Manchester Metropolitan University


Visit Castlefield Viaduct

A place study tour will take in the National Trust attraction; a 'park in the sky'. (Day 1 - 19th April)

IPM Conference | 19-20 April 2023

Good Growth: Tackling big issues using place-based policy, theory and practice

The UK is battling for a return to economic growth. And not just the abstract glow of climbing GDP figures but a real change that is recognised and felt by people in the communities where they live and work.

Good growth is a familiar narrative of post-war politics, but place leaders are now facing new and acute resource challenges (yes, we have no tomatoes, never mind affordable housing), and stark choices about where and how to invest in our towns and cities.

A period of change has started, witnessed in the devolution happening across England. New partnerships and ideas offer a platform for strong local voices alongside those from administrations and quangos, and where there is opportunity, there is imperative too. At the heart of how 'liveable' cities must be realised is the need for sustainable solutions to prevent an irreversable warming of the climate.

An urgent question needs to be asked:
What does place-based policy mean and how can it create 'good growth'?

Join the IPM Annual Conference and help us answer this question through focused perspectives on leadership, net zero, place policy and practice.

Book tickets for the IPM Annual Conference, incorporating The BID Summit, via Eventbrite.

April 19th (Day 1):
The BID Summit - presented by The BID Foundation

BID Foundation Members: Free

Non-Members: £300 + VAT

Book now

April 20th (Day 2):
IPM Annual Conference

IPM Members (inc. BID Foundation): Free

Non-Members: £425 + VAT

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The BID Summit - 19th April

The second BID Summit, presented by The BID Foundation, will take place in Manchester on 19th April with BID Foundation members also invited to stay on for day 2, delivered by the Institute of Place Management.

In addition to taking on the theme of 'Good Growth': Tackling big issues using place-based policy, theory and practice, the BID Summit will convene BID leaders from across the UK to:

  • Understand the impacts of property revaluation on BID levy - and learn what your BID can do to react.

  • Define the new BID leadership model - as BIDs expand and lobby for a 'seat at the table' in place governance

  • Hear best practice from BIDs across the UK on:
    • Place-based strategy
    • Net Zero and environmental sustainability
    • Tackling inequality
    • Effective partnership working

  • Visit the National Trust's Castlefield Viaduct - Manchester's 'high line' being transformed into a park in the sky, as part of a pilot project.

  • Join colleagues for an evening meal and drinks in Manchester

*Full agenda available shortly

'Good Growth' - Tackling big issues using place-based policy, practice and theory - 20th April

Day 2 of the conference will host place leaders, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers, at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

We will unpack the complex issues of Good Growth through a series of four sessions on the day that will:

  • Ask what does being place-based mean and why is it important? What does good place-based policy look like and how devolved governments are taking a more place-based approach.

  • Look at innovative place-based Net Zero and environmental sustainability practices that are shaping towns and cities

  • Examine current causes of place-based inequality and approaches to targetting inequality through funding and policy

  • Showcase the latest research from Manchester Metropolitan University on place-related topics including art and architecture, sport, public space and law.

*Full agenda available shortly

On April 19 at The BID Summit, an afternoon place study tour is offered to close the programme:

Place study tour:
National Trust - Castlefield Viaduct

  • The Grade II-listed Castlefield Viaduct is in the heart of the oldest part of Manchester, built by the engineers who worked on Blackpool Tower.

  • As part of a pilot, the Viaduct has been transformed into a new sky park trees, plants and flowers on a 330 metre section. Open for 12 months, visitors can find out more about the viaduct’s heritage, the city’s long relationship with plants and trees and learn urban gardening tips. 

  • Similar to the highline project and other BID projects to bring alive forgotten spaces, the place study tour will look at practical ways to achieve this.

The IPM Conference has been generously sponsored by Manchester Metropolitan University, enabling the Institute to make the event free of charge this year for Members.

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
All Saints Building
Oxford Road M15 6BH

Find visitor information at

For any enquiries about the Conference, or to apply for membership, contact:

19-20th April | Manchester Metropolitan University

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