Call for Papers – IPM 5th International Biennial Conference. South Australia

Transforming Place: People, Processes and Practice

November 7/8th 2019

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that for our next biennial conference we’ll be heading to the Barossa Valley, South Australia! We’re obviously very excited about this, particularly as it gives us a great opportunity to catch-up with the place management community in Australia, a network of great academics and practitioners, many of whom we have known for quite a number of years.

In addition to catching up with old friends, we’d also like to make some new ones! So if you’re considering which conferences to attend in 2019, then take a look below.

We’re currently accepting submissions for abstracts (1000 words) that seek to broaden knowledge and practice, identifying how place management, marketing and development can engage complex social problems associated with the dynamics of place, place identity and the growth of prosperous communities. 

Some of the special interest topics include:

- Food and Wine: and their provenance in place and community

- Entrepreneurial ecosystems: sustaining and evolving place through new businesses

- Arts and Culture: reigniting a sense of place and belonging

- Built Environment and Urban Landscapes: creating places to meet and dwell together

- Citizen Participation: engaging people in shaping the politics of place

- Business Participation: engaging business in 'the big issues' (curated by the BID Foundation)

- Digital transformations: technology's role in empowering people in places

Of course, we are also interested in research and evidence that critiques existing theory and practice - and learning more about attempts to manage places that do not transform them, or change them in a way that excludes people or reduces their liveability, viability, tolerance and/or resilience to disruption. 

Whilst the Conference is particularly interested to receive submissions covering the special interest topics above, we will consider any contribution that is in line with the theme of ‘Transforming Place: People, Processes and Practice’. 

To submit an abstract, please email 

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 17th June 2019. Delegates will be notified of their acceptance by June 28th 2019.

More details on the conference are available here: /events/ipm-conference-2019/