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Journal of Place Management and Development – Issue 3, 2022

The latest edition of the Journal of Place Management and Development has been published by IPM and Emerald, and is available now to Institute Members (login to access).

The new issue covers a broad range of international topics, from over-tourism in Italy to Kerala’s ayuverdic destination brand, and sustainable urban planning in Malaysia to social and cultural sustainability around the Hudson river, New York.

In addition to papers looking at sustainability, tourism and place marketing, there is also a discussion of workplace locations and their appeal to Gen Y and Z workers in Bangkok, and an examination of issues of accessibility and inclusive space in Nigeria’s third largest city, Ibadan.

The final of seven papers included in this edition draws on theories of place attachment to understand its influence on community leadership  of towns in South Australia.

A summary of each paper can be found below.



The missing link between overtourism and post-pandemic tourism. Framing Twitter debate on the Italian tourism crisis

Cecilia Pasquinelli, Mariapina Trunfio

This paper aims to exploit existing tourism knowledge to frame the unprecedented pandemic tourism crisis, its key aspects and impacts on the tourism industry. It builds a conceptual bridge and discusses the opportunity to capitalise on the missing link between the pre-COVID overtourism and the post-COVID “undertourism” debates.

Product–place image and destination brand equity: special reference to “Kerala is an ayurvedic destination”

Deepa Jawahar, Aslam Muhammed M.K.

This paper aims to analyse the relationship between the image of a tourism product and destination brand equity in the context of Kerala's Ayurveda (forms of alternative medicine). The study also examined the influence of destination image (DI) and hospital brand image (HBI) and the mediating role of total experience (TEX).

A place to work: examining workplace location attributes that appeal to generation Y and Z talent

Wasuthon Wisuchat, Viriya Taecharungroj

This paper aims to identify and to compare workplace location attributes that appealed to Generation Y and Z talent in Bangkok, Thailand.

Integrated sustainable urban planning: a new agenda for future urban planning in Malaysia

Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Nurwati Badarulzaman, Aldrin Abdullah, Mohsen Behrang

This paper aims to propose an integrated urban planning framework to achieve sustainable urban development (SUD) in the Malaysian context.

The influence of place attachment on community leadership and place management

Craig Lance Grocke, Robyn Eversole, Clayton Jon Hawkins

This paper aims to draw on Seamon’s (2012a, 2012b, 2014, 2015, 2018) theories on the “processes of place attachment” to understand the influence of place attachment on community leadership and the management of four towns in the Barossa region of South Australia.

Accessibility and inclusive use of public spaces within the city-centre of Ibadan, Nigeria

Ayodele Emmanuel Ikudayisi, Abraham Adeniyi Taiwo

Issues pertaining to accessibility and inclusiveness of public spaces are not explicitly discussed in developing nations.Thus, this study aims to explore how ease of access and socio-economic status of residents influence the use of city-centre public spaces in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Retaining social and cultural sustainability in the Hudson river watershed of New York, USA, a place-based participatory action research study

Carlos J.L. Balsas

Societal problems have impacted the northeast of the USA for various generations This paper aims to analyse various sustainability aspects in the Hudson River watershed of New York by highlighting a temporal progression from environmental sustainability at the watershed level in the 1970s to growing concerns with more localized cross-border social and cultural sustainability in recent decades.

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