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New classifications of UK towns

As part of the BDSU we have verified 4 new UK town types: Comparison shopping, speciality, holiday and convenience/comparison

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Membership of the IPM gives you recognised professional standing. As an IPM member you are at the forefront of developments within place management research, policy and practice. As part of the Manchester Metropolitan University, the IPM invests its income in developing its members, through research, education and networking. If you are serious about improving places then we are serious about you. We will give you the information you need, raise the profile of your work and influence policy makers to help you make places better.

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Hold the dates

Details will be announced shortly of the next Institute of Place Management Conference. Our last event was in Poznan, Poland in 2015 and this year we return to Manchester. A Call for Papers will be issued in the next few weeks and we invite submissions from researchers and practitioners.

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What is place management?

We have defined place management as "a coordinated, area-based, multi-stakeholder approach to improve locations, harnessing the skills, experiences and resources of those in the private, public and voluntary sectors". Put simply, it is the process of making places better and the Institute exists to support people who are doing or wish to do precisely that.
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Manchester Metropolitan University crowd scientists have different perspective to US President

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Journal of Place Management and Development, the IPM's Official Journal. Volume 9 Issue 3 now out

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