Welcome to the Institute of Place Management - the international professional  body for people who want to make places better.

The Institute of Place Management was established to promote the development of the profession of place management. Whether you are involved in leading, managing, marketing, branding, making or developing places or you want to change your place, then we can help.

On this site you will learn more about our role, how to become a member and hence have your competences, skills and knowledge recognised, how to access research into all kinds of places as well as information on forthcoming events. As a member  you can access the Journal of Place Management and Development, which is issued three times a year and which contains articles that are furthering knowledge about how we manage places.

If you want to develop your own knowledge about place management, then as well as as learning by experience, you can also participate in the Executive Education programme that has been developed by the Institute of Place Management in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

We would equally welcome you joining us at our forthcoming conference at the Poznan University of Economics in Poland, which takes places between 6th and 8th of May. This year's event is focused on 'sustainability, liveability and connectivity'and the main themes of the conference will be place management, place branding and the influence of global trends on place. The conference is being jointly hosted by the Institute of Place Management in partnership with the Poznan University of Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University and Stockholm University (Stockholm Programme of Place Branding). There is more information on this event on the website.

Please click here for more details about our Executive Education programmes

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