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Professional development

IPM 'New Members' Welcome Webinar - 30 May 24

Welcome to the Institute of Place Management's New Members Webinar! We're thrilled to have you join us for this informative and engaging 60-minute session. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the field of place management or just embarking on your journey, this webinar is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the Institute of Place Management. The aim of the session is to help you realise that you are note alone! We will connect you to others, educate you on innovative research that is transforming how we understand, develop, and manage places, and inspire you with specific examples as to how place management can improve people’s lives. We will also delve into the key resources, and opportunities offered by our institute, and showcase the benefits of becoming a member.

The session will be led by Prof Cathy Parker, the Chair of the Institute of Place Management.

12 - 1pm | Thursday 30th May 2024

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IPM Place Research Seminar - 20th June 2024

3pm-5pm | Thursday 20th Jun 2024 
Online or in-person @ 3.07, Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University

This IPM Research Seminar focuses on the role that food plays in transforming places for the better, while critically examining the challenges it may present and exploring how to transform these challenges into opportunities by affirming communities’ rights to their territory. From rural peripheries to urban centres, from place-based research to community groups in action, speakers will alternate in presenting their contributions to our current understanding of food and place.

IPM professional development - 180 CPD pts

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Professional development

IPM Webinar – 'The Sustainable High Street' - 25 Sept 24

Sustainability. Survey on survey tells us it’s something that means more and more to a growing number of our high street customers, especially but not only in younger generations. It’s an issue impacting our buildings and their suitability going forward, for logistics, for the way we run our businesses and the services they offer, and how places operate, and more.

In this IPM webinar we’ll share insights from some of the evidence-based studies being done on this issue, and hear from IPM members and partners who have sustainability at the heart of their projects in business, on public realm / street scene and beyond.

2.00pm – 3.30pm | Wednesday 25th Sept 2024

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Professional development

IPM Webinar – 'The Digital High Street' - 31 October 2024

How much and how well are you using digital technology to improve your high street? And importantly, what more could you do by drawing on case studies from other places that are taking this forward?

Footfall counting, place marketing, trail and other apps – these are all among the more widely used examples but what’s new on those, and what else are places doing, as one of our speakers has described it: “…to collect, analyse and share high-quality data to make decisions on improving management of public realm, increase the efficiency of service delivery or respond to environmental change.”

We’ll hear from IPM members at the forefront of this work and explore some of the projects they’re leading.

2.00pm – 3.30pm | Thursday 31st October 2024

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