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Cathy Parker

Cathy is Professor of Retail and Marketing Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, Co-Chair of IPM and Research Lead for the Government's High Streets Task Force


Simon Quin

Simon is Professorial Fellow in Place Management Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University, Co-Chair of IPM and Executive Director of the High Streets Task Force.


Steve Millington

Steve is a Director and Reader at IPM, and a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. He guides the Institute's work on place making and planning.


Ares Kalandides

Ares is Professor of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and founder and CEO of the Berlin-based consultancy Inpolis Urbanism. 

Prof. of Retailing and Marketing

Gary Warnaby

Gary's research interests focus on the marketing of places (particularly in an urban context), and retailing, and results of this research have been published in various academic journals in both the management and geography disciplines.

Content & Marketing Manager

Matthew Davis

Matthew works across the IPM and The BID Foundation, with responsibility for marketing, membership, policy and public affairs. He has previously worked on a range of communications and policy issues, including UK industrial strategy, carbon reduction and modern slavery.

Project & Ops Manager

Gareth Roberts

As well as overseeing IPM operations and activity, Gareth is responsible for managing the research projects running at any given time. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Place Management & Development and is currently studying for a PhD in the analysis of cultural events.

IT Manager

Gaz Shaw

Gary is IT Manager for the IPM and works to develop IPM's digital systems. With a background in web development and digital marketing, Gary has experience of promoting research and knowledge exchange output for the Faculty of Business and Law and also has an MA in Sport History and Culture.

Senior Research Associate

Nikos Ntounis

Nikos Ntounis joined IPM in 2014 and has worked and contributed to numerous IPM projects such as High Street UK 2020 (HSUK2020) and Bringing Big Data to Small Users (BDSU). He is Academic Editor of the Journal of Place Management and Development.

Lecturer / Research Associate

Lecturer / Research Assoc

Chloe Steadman

Chloe is a Lecturer in Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and Research Associate at the IPM. Her research focuses on consumer culture and people's lived experiences of places, as well as lecturing in consumer behaviour and research methods.

Research Associate

Maria Lorono-Leturiondo

Maria works with the team to deliver IPM’s ambitious and multi-disciplinary research agenda. She recently completed her PhD in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University and before moving to Manchester, completed her masters Cognition and Communication in Copenhagen.

Research Associate

Regine Sonderland Saga

Regine recently joined the team and is focused on community-centered research projects.Her background is in urban geography, and her PhD thesis examined socio-technical challenges to the smart city.

Project Coordinator

Cionna Evans

Cionna programmes work and manages resources across a number of academic and practitioner led projects, ensuring we can meet the needs of members and stakeholders. She holds an MSc in Project Management from Manchester Metropolitan University and is PRINCE 2 certified.

Membership Coordinator/Events Lead

Tom Hindmarch

Tom has been with the Institute for nearly four years, initially organising the 4th International Place Management conference in Manchester in 2017. Tom has recently completed his Masters in Place Management and Leadership, studying the role of place-based strategies and place management capacity in local centres

Junior Fellow

Joe Barratt

Joe is a Junior Fellow at the institute and the co-founder of The Teenage Market, a national initiative which gives young people a free platform to showcase their creative talents.

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