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IPM Masterclass on Place Marketing, Branding and Communications

IPM Masterclass on Place Marketing, Branding and Communications

15 May 2023

Session Details 


15th May 2023


10:00 - 13:45

Delivery Method

Online (Via Zoom)


£100 or £300 for non-members


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Place marketing and branding are key elements of successful place management

Place marketing and communications are key elements of successful place management, especially at these times of recovery and ‘building back better’. Town centres, cities, regions, tourism destinations need to win back the trust of their populations and re-gain confidence in their reputation. Inspiring reputation-building activities, collaborative communication measures, co-ordinated marketing and branding tactics in the physical and digital sphere are vital components of place management and leadership. Place marketing, branding and communications are often misunderstood as simple commercial tactics, despite their potential to help transform places and their communities. That is why the Institute of Place Management is running this one-day Masterclass defining what successful place communication means in the #buildbackbetter era. This masterclass helps local leaders from local authorities, BIDs, business and the wider community gain the necessary skills and knowledge in order to contribute to building and maintaining stronger, sustainable reputation for their places.


Why join the Masterclass?

The aim of this one-day masterclass is to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of participants to become more effective place leaders who can stimulate recovery and initiate transformation.

The masterclass will define place marketing and communication, share ideas and practices of effective place branding and explore their contribution to successful place leadership and transformation. You will join peers to examine different aspects of place communication in the physical and digital context, and hear from experts on effective practices and examples from across the sector.


The Masterclass will cover key questions, such as:

  • What is place communication and place marketing?
  • What is the role of place branding and communications in building stronger place reputation?
  • How does place branding build effective identity?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of place communication in the digital world?
  • What does effective contemporary place branding practice look like?






10:00 – 10:15

Welcome to the Masterclass

Prof Cathy Parker

10:15 – 10:45

Introduction to place marketing and branding

Prof Gary Warnaby

10:45 – 11:15

Place Branding

John Till

11:15 – 11:30



11:30 – 12:00

Place brand identity: why we need it and how to define it

Dr hab. Magdalena Florek

12:00 – 12:30

Managing the place brand of Ghent, Belgium

Melanie De Vocht

12:30 – 13:15



13:15 – 13:45

Digital challenges in place branding

Jackie Mulligan





Magdalena Florek is co-founder, member of the Board, and Education Director at International Place Branding Association. Senior Fellow at the Institute of Place Management. She is a former Associate Professor at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poland, senior lecturer at the University of Otago in New Zealand and Fulbright Scholar in USA. Consultant in place brand strategy and place communication.

Dr Jackie Mulligan is High Street Task Force expert and Founder of and Co-Director of Game Republic Ltd. Jackie is a Senior Fellow of the IPM and has appeared on BBC’s The One Show, ITV’s the Tonight Show and in national newspapers speaking about place, digitalisation and high streets with an emphasis on encouraging local shopping behaviours. 

As Founding Director of thinkingplace, John Till has directed the development of over 80 place brands across the UK over the last 17 years. He is active in promoting and implementing this best practice approach of creating a shared place story, widening place leadership and creating active collaboration.

Melanie De Vocht is place brand manager at the City of Ghent (Belgium). She has a PhD in communication sciences on risk communication and works since 2016 at the City of Ghent. She started working on city marketing and strategic communication and took up the project lead in 2019 in the development of the place brand strategy of Ghent.

Prof Gary Warnaby is Professor of Retailing and Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he is based in the Institute of Place Management. His research interests focus on the marketing of places and retailing.  Results of this research have been published in a wide variety of academic journals in both the management, history, architecture and geography disciplines.


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