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JPMD announces its Literati Award Winners for 2023

This year, the 2023 JPMD Literati Award winner for Outstanding Paper has been awarded to Pieter Breek, Jasper Eshuis, and Joke Hermes, for their paper, titled “Street-level bureaucrats: Tensions and Challenges in Online Placemaking”.

Their article highlights the essential role of social media in placemaking and how street-level bureaucrats, who are defined as public service officials that act as linking pins between residents and local authorities, try to use the social media landscape in order to reap the benefits of two-way communication and direct engagement of such media to enhance participation and collaboration processes in placemaking.

The paper is particularly useful for placemaking and place management practitioners and officials that engage in direct exchanges with numerous place stakeholder groups, and wish to facilitate public engagement and citizenship via online interactions about places.

Each year, the Journal of Place Management and Development (JPMD), the official journal of the Institute of Place Management, participates in The Emerald Literati Awards, a celebration of the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers to the body of knowledge in place management and place making. The awards also showcase the potential influence of research to create impact and generate real change beyond academia, as well as the invaluable contribution of our JPMD reviewers, who strive to work with author to improve the quality and reach of each article via their detailed expert reviews.

JPMD’s ongoing success and continuity would also not be possible without the investment and expert contributions of its reviewers. The 2023 JPMD Literati Award winners for Outstanding Reviewers are Diletta Acuti, Mateja Kos Koklič, and Stella Kladou. We wish to congratulate all the deserving winners, and also thank all authors, reviewers and members of the Editorial Advisory Board for their contributions and support over the years!


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“Street-level bureaucrats: Tensions and Challenges in Online Placemaking” from the following link:


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