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Covid-19: Responding, Recovering, Reinventing (ABCitiEs)

ABCitiEs Stakeholder group in Vilnius

Join IPM for our third facilitated discussion on how places are reacting to Covid-19 around the world. In our previous two webinars we have welcomed panellists representing centres from all over Europe, all at different stages in terms of lockdown restrictions, response to the pandemic and town centre recovery planning.

In this third webinar in the series, we will bring together our project partners on the European Interreg funded project ABCitiEs. We are anticipating speakers from Amsterdam (Netherlands), Athens (Greece), Manchester (England) and Varazdin/Cackovec (Croatia), Vilnius (Lithuania), who will be reporting how Covid-19 has affected their cities, how local businesses are being supported during crisis, and how area-based local partnerships will be supported during recovery.

Please join us on the 9th July (2-3pm) hear more about how these European centres have been responding to the pandemic and how they plan to re-open the economy. Click here to register.

ABCitiEs, standing for Area Based Collaborative Entrepreneurship in Cities, initially launched in October 2018 in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. In each city, the local municipality are working in partnership with universities to research and analyse examples of how local collectives are working towards improving the local trading environment.  By sharing share experiences and gaining deeper insights in to best practice, each city aims to develop more effective policy support for area based collaboration.

Since the initial launch the partners have met in Amsterdam and Varazdin to discuss project progress, share best practice and analyse ongoing findings. The research group was due to meet earlier this year in Athens, however, Covid-19 has meant the meeting was unable to take place. The project is set to conclude with a conference held Manchester in September 2021, where the overall conclusions and findings of the project will be presented.


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