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Joe Barratt appointed as Junior Fellow of IPM

We are pleased to welcome Co-founder of the Teenage Market Joe Barratt to the IPM team, Joe will take up the part-time role of Junior Fellow at the Institute.

Joe will work alongside IPM Co-Chairs Simon Quin and Professor Cathy Parker on the High Streets Task Force (HSTF), helping drive forward key deliverables on the 5-year project. IPM and HSTF will work closely with Joe and the Teenage Market over the course of the project to provide guidance and expertise for local authorities in England planning to hold teenage markets.

Welcoming Joe to the team, Simon Quin, Co-Chair of the Institute and HSTF Executive Director, commented, “The support we offer to high streets is very much about helping them be vital and viable places in the future, that really serve their communities. Young people must be engaged in that process, as that future will be their lived experience. We have to find ways to make this engagement happen, and Joe brings the experience of developing and running Teenage Markets and other background in working with young people. By bringing him into the team, it will ensure our engagement with young people will be more active and more successful. We look forward to working with him.”

Joe will be responsible for championing the role of young people in place making and place decision making. Helping to inspire council leaders and other place management organisations (such as BIDs) to work with young people and include them in governance structures. As Co-founder of the Teenage Market, Joe has been engaging with young people for over 8 years, encouraging them to engage, take part and showcase their talents in events throughout the UK.

On his appointment as Junior Fellow, Joe said “It’s a great privilege to join the IPM team and become part of a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving our high streets and town centres. I’m really looking forward to developing my work on the High Street Task Force with the IPM's support, as we look to roll out more Teenage Market events in locations across England and put young people right at the heart of decision making.” 


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