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The BID Foundation to lead evolution of the industry as Institute's first Community of Practice

On the 30th November, members of The BID Foundation Council voted, unanimously, to adopt a refreshed and reinvigorated programme for TBF, which will become the Institute of Place Management’s first Community of Practice.

The move will see BIDs formally represented on a new IPM Membership Council which will guide the work of the Institute and its mission to professional place management. This is a significant development and demonstrates the commitment over 80 UK Business Improvement Districts have to leading the evolution of their industry and raising standards.

Whilst the overall purpose and strategic objectives of TBF will remain the same, the next year will see a focus on further  adoption of industry standards of good governance; working together with other place leaders and policy makers to address significant global challenges, and continuing to innovate and spread best practice across the industry, to not only improve the
local economic environment for levy payers but also to make better places for wider society.

The ambitious work programme will now be led by a Leadership Board which will guide the output of a number of working groups across TBF.

Speaking about the changes, the Chair of the TBF, Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company said:

"Our purpose when we formed the BID Foundation was to work collectively and ensure BIDs added more value to the places and communities they serve. The BID Foundation was always about improving practice and the pandemic has demonstrated how quickly we act and how much we get done. Now, we want to work more collaboratively with other place leaders and Government to tackle bigger challenges, like climate change, on behalf of the levy payers who fund us and the wider  communities who have an important stake in the places we work.

Chair of the Institute of Place Management, Professor Cathy Parker, said:

"the decision TBF bids have taken to drive an agenda for change that will benefit thousands of businesses and the millions of people that use town and city centres, and other places where TBF Bids are located, shows strong and dedicated leadership. The fact that they are choosing to do this as part of a professional body clearly demonstrates how serious they are about raising standards, working collegiately and also ensuring their practice is underpinned by research and training. We are very proud that it is our colleagues in Business Improvement Districts who are pioneering this path and we are ready to work with place leaders, from councils and civic society who may be inspired to do something similar."



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