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IPM appoints Chief Economist, Christian Spence

Christian Spence, IPM Chief Economist

At a time when barely a day goes by without some dramatic economic news, the IPM are pleased to announce that Christian Spence will be joining the team at Manchester Met, in a visiting position.


18th October 2022

Many members will know Christian already; as a Fellow of the Institute he has provided much-needed economic commentary and insight.

Christian remains the Economic Data Lead at Open Innovations, where he provides valuable data science and analytics for a range of users, bringing together a range of data sets, that are publicly available, to provide open and transparent insight for businesses, policy makers and place managers and leaders.

Christian will be working with the team at IPM to analyse the impact of policy on the national and local economies. He will also help The BID Foundation interpret a rapidly changing economic environment, to help BID CEOs inform and support the many local businesses in their network.

Christian will also work with the IPM research team on practical research projects that analyse the changing nature of places and the impact of place management interventions.

Commenting on the appointment, Professor Cathy Parker, Chair of the IPM said

“Christian has worked for local and regional government on regional economic development policy development and assessment. He has led the British Chamber of Commerce’s work on Business Rate reform and has been an advisor to The Treasury and the Bank of England – not only is he a respected economist Christian really ‘get’s’ place – his projects, analysis and commentary are always relevant to our members and I am very proud he has agreed to join us in a visiting role as our Chief Economist”.

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