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PwC 'Good Growth' report sets out place first vision

This week, PwC published the 2023 edition of their Good Growth for Cities, in partnership with Demos. Amongst its findings are some very sensible recommendations for a new type of devolution as part of an 'agenda for action'.

"Effective devolution would create good growth by unlocking the capacity of a place and its communities, rather than that of institutions. It would create a place-based ecosystem where each of the key actors feels able to deploy their specific skills, knowledge, experience and networks to create successful places, complementing each other and coordinating activities to achieve collective objectives."

"This type of devolution moves from a focus on the instruments of government to an interconnected system of governance explicitly incorporating business and communities as partners, stakeholders and decision makers."

- Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities report

The "new form of devolution" will be instantly recognisable to members of the Institute of Place Management - it is the type of place first partnership and collaboration that is at the heart of what we do; in practice, through our membership, in education, through our postgraduate programmes and CPD, and in our research.

PwC is a partner of IPM and we have worked together for the last 4 years to deliver the High Streets Task Force. I am really pleased that we have been able to input into this report, not only with general principles of place management and place leadership.

We have also been able to provide specific examples of how Business Improvement Districts provide business leadership and coordination for the good growth defined in this report as productivity, transition to net zero, and better community outcomes.

It's a privilege to work with PwC and benefit from expert advice that has improved our vision and service, but our #partnership partnership is two-way. As the IPM, we are influencing the direction and output of one of the world's largest consultancies with our place first thinking. Thank you to everyone at PwC for that opportunity.


Download the Good Growth report

Cathy Parker

About the author

Cathy Parker

Cathy is Professor of Retail and Marketing Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, Co-Chair of IPM and Research Lead for the Government's High Streets Task Force.

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