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Rethinking Darkness Book Launch - 10th December

At the end of last month, Routledge published the first edition of “Rethinking Darkness: Cultures, Histories, Practices”.

The book edited by IPM’s Professor Tim Edensor and Professor Nick Dunn (Lancaster University) examines the concept of darkness through a range of cultures, histories, practices and experiences. It engages with darkness beyond its binary positioning against light to advance a critical understanding of the ways in which darkness can be experienced, practised and conceptualised. Offering a rich exploration of an emergent field of study across the social sciences and humanities.

Join us on 10th December for a special research seminar, as we look to introduce you to this comprehensive book and explore darkness through different lens.

The webinar has a packed and engaging schedule bringing together both editors as well several chapter authors to traverse the different ideas and theories within the diverse field of darkness.  

Seminar Schedule

Part One

    1. Tim Edensor - Rationale for the book, experiences of light, diverse encounters with darkness
    2. Nick Dunn - Walking in the dark
    3. April Nowell and Nancy Gonlin - Histories of darkness
    4. Ankit Kumar darkness in rural India

Part Two

    1. Katrin Lund - Sensory experiences of darkness in Iceland
    2. Martin Welton - Theatrical uses of darkness
    3. Natalie Marr - Artistic/photographic approaches in Galloway Dark Sky Park

Each speaker will have 10 minutes to deliver their presentation, with a short 5-minute break in-between parts one and two.

This research seminar will take place on 10th December 3pm-5pm, click here to register to attend.


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