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Cost of Living webinar

Cost of Living
BID Foundation Webinar

11am - 12am | Tuesday 5th April 2022

*Open to Members of The BID Foundation. Join from £340 per year and access this webinar.
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The cost of living and of doing business on UK high streets has become a defining issue for BIDs and communities in 2022.

Faced with macroeconomic pressures, limited government spending post-Covid, and global events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine, what can BIDs do now to support their levy payers?

This webinar will be a discussion between TBF Members and we'll hear from guest speakers who are working with businesses now to reduce costs. We'll be joined by Rishi Sood from Place Support Partnership for some practical advice on mitigating inflation and energy costs on the high street.

Join us on Tuesday 5th April at 11am.


Featuring TBF Members and:

Rishi Sood
Founder and CEO
Place Support Partnership
Susana Crespo
Place Projects Manager
Place Support Partnership


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