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Belfast City Council: Vacant to Vibrant, Pilot Capital Grant Scheme

Belfast City Council has recently implemented the Vacant to Vibrant Capital Pilot Grant which aims to tackle high vacancy rates in the city centre and to revitalise the high street. Through this programme, the council has aimed to improve the diversity on offer, the connectivity, investment, and economic growth for businesses and residents in Belfast.  

This case study, written by members of the Regeneration and Development team at Belfast City Council, focuses on the achievements and challenges of the project. In doing so it demonstrates the council’s vision of making the high street a more appealing, attractive, and sustainable location with a long-term viability which invests in and includes residents ensuring that they want to live, work, visit and invest in a town which and supports and connects local communities. This case study also shows the challenges that they and many city/town centres have faced through the Covid pandemic alongside high rent costs and risk aversion.

The case study provides an example of how a local council has analysed the problems, created plans, and has tackled issues to help achieve the vision of improving the town centre. The City Regeneration and Development team have already seen success with previously vacant spaces now being activated, and are encouraged to see the impact the programme has had on the city centre.

Read about the work undertaken in Belfast by clicking on the link below:

Belfast City Council Case Study


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