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Standards and Place Leadership - 10th Nov

Standards and Place Leadership

10th November | 2pm-3.30pm


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Standards are crucial to successful, inclusive placemaking. Place policies, projects and partnerships are regularly tested by residents, businesses, community organisations and the media. To help encourage the adoption of standards across placemaking, the Institute of Place Management has developed codes of conduct for individual members, BIDs and partner organisations. Find out more and hear from placemaking practitioners about the standards they have in place, how they help, and challenges they’ve faced.

This webinar will support:

  • Place leaders - consider which standards are important in your role and how to transmit them to your organisation and stakeholders

  • Place managers - learn from other practitioners about how they've embedded standards in projects and partnerships

  • Hear from a range of UK and European perspectives and take practical learning into your own work.


- Introduction: why are standards and professionalisation is important in place? - Prof Cathy Parker

Professor Cathy Parker reflects on the place profession and the need for standards of place management, including recognition for those with the skills and dedication to place that make change happen. IPM's own standards and code of conduct is closely related to the Nolan Principles which guide politicians and public servants.

- Good governance and standards in Business Improvement Districts - Allison Herbert MIPM

Allison Herbert is CEO of Bath BID as well as Strategic Development Lead for Partnerships at IPM. Allison will talk about the development of standards for BIDs, why they are important and how they help BIDs deliver to levy-payers' expectations and make an impact on the wider placemaking agenda, benefitting residents, visitors and other important place stakeholders.

- Place standards in action: delivering transformation – Matt Colledge FIPM

Matt Colledge is former Leader of Trafford Council and Executive Director of the government's High Streets Task Force. His experience of transforming Altrincham and working in consultation with a range of local authorities and place partnerships through his firm, IntoPlaces. Matt will share insights into the standards and leadership behaviours that deliver results for places, with examples from his career and role at the High Streets Task Force.

- Delivering a social and physical legacy through design – Jan Kattein FIPM

Jan Kattein is a Fellow of IPM, established Jan Kattein Architects in 2004, and holds a lectureship at UCL. Jan's method stimulates innovative design, and always seeks to add benefits through education, economic growth, cultural activity or greater community coherence. He will speak about his own standards as an architect and the public purpose that unites their projects.

- Leading for levy payers and the community – Allison Herbert MIPM

Allison Herbert is Chief Executive of Bath Business Improvement District and leads a range of strategic place making efforts in the historic city, from activation, to crime prevention, and data analysis on visitor spend and footfall. Allison will give her perspective on standards and leadership from her unique position as head of a BID.

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